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Apache Solr 4 Cookbook

PacktPub recently released the Apache Solr 4 Cookbook. Apache Solr is the fabulous open-sourced search engine that I’ve been working with for the past couple of years. When I started with Solr I relied on the tutorial on the Lucene

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My Favorite Albums of 2013

Yeah, I’m doing this again as I like to refer back to it. Looking back at my 2013 and favorites of 2013 playlists I realized there was so much I loved and so much I still need to dive deeper

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The Perils of Publishing Politics on Your Bumper

…are that I’m going to poke fun at you and I hope other logic nerds do so as well. I’ll attempt to keep my personal politics out of this despite the arguably provocative subject matter of the bumper sticker which

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I’ll Be Speaking on Apache Solr at the Next Milwaukee ALT.NET Meetup

View the details here: Slides: Code:

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SUSE Linux Init Script for Apache Solr

I created this SUSE Linux init script to start and thought it might be useful to others. More details and the script are on my github at:

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Securing WordPress Administration With Shared SSL Providers (like Hostgator)

Hostgator (and I understand some other web hosts) utilize a shared SSL configuration which adds an extra piece to the URI to access the site over SSL. In the case of Hostgator the URI looks like this: I had

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Two New Tracks, One Experimental


I sent two new tracks to my bandcamp page. The first was an experiment wherein I used only a microphone and my voice (and a looper pedal) and created a (somewhat mesmerizing) beat using some coughing and beat box nonsense.

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Favorite 15-ish-or-so Favorite Albums of 2012

I’ve made lists like this before on twitter and facebook. This seemed like a better spot for it. These are in no particular order other than the order that I thought of them. 2012 was a great year for music

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Android Vacuum Tube Bias Calculator is in beta testing

I’ve launched my first Android App and I’m looking for feedback. If you’re a tube tinkerer please check it out and give me some input on where to take it. The app calculates idle plate dissipation of different vacuum tubes

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50′s Flot-a-Tone Repair / Refurb

Flot-a-Tone Chassis

Recently, a friend asked me to fix a Flot-a-Tone tube amp that his uncle gave to him. His uncle, apparently, purchased it around 1958 making it particularly crusty, and dilapidated, and awesome. Here are a couple of photos from the beginning: Flot-a-Tone Back

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